"Shirayuki-dono said that if there are times where you cannot do what you truly want to do, she herself will make sure you won't have to be in that situation."

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The boys look so cute in their Splash Free outfits (not sure how I feel about Makoto’s) that I wish Sousuke had one too. I’ve seen some awesome Splash Free Sousukes around and all of the sudden I felt the busting need to draw one of my own.

"You’re the worst, Senpai!" 

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Mikorin + Acting || Episode 10

Requested by anonymous.

Barely 5 minutes in and the crack begins...
Nobunaga: We didn't have that many opportunities to take a good look at Mikoshiba in his swimsuit or him swimming in the 1st season did we.
Tatsu: No we didn't.
Mamo: Even though he's so cool.
Nobunaga: Right? And even though he sports the so-called brief type swimsuit? He's still cool, that Mikoshiba.
Mamo: Why is it that people think the brief-type is lame anyway?
Tatsu: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Nobunaga: Isn't it because during elementary school you were made fun of if you were... wait not elementary school, probably around junior high school you were made fun of for wearing them?
Mamo/Tatsu: No, not really (lol)
Nobunaga: Eeeeeh? You lie! Wait a moment here, just wait a moment!!
Tatsu: lololol
Mamo: I still wear whitey tighties even now.
Nobunaga: LOLOLOL!! Is that true?!
Mamo: Eh? LOL
Nobunaga: I'll spread that information around you know!
Mamo: LOLOL!!
Nobunaga: I'll tweet it! I'll tweet "Miyano-san is the whitey tighties type even now" I will!
Tatsu: LOLOL
Mamo: ...... I'm sorry.
Nobunaga: I'm sorry.
Mamo: Let's not spread rumors. I'm sorry.
Tatsu: That's right, he only wears them during events.
Nobunaga: Showman Pantsu!?
Nobunaga: Showman pantsu?!?!
Mamo: LOLOL!! WHAT KIND OF EVEN IS THAT?! Wearing white briefs?LOLOLOL

character of the week [voted by my followers] - week 1: kageyama tobio (haikyuu!!)